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A while ago we featured a wheel that was very similar called the GeoOrbital. However, to be frank, even though the design was groundbreaking, it still lacked a certain finesse. This is where the Electron Wheel has stepped up to the bar and taken charge.

Sleek and powerful, the Electron Wheel has the ability to turn your ordinary bicycle into a fully electric bicycle.

Designed and manufactured by Belon Engineering, the Electron Wheel is the tasteful solution that we’ve been waiting for.

Bicycle with Electron Wheel on the beach

Not only is it functional, but it looks sleek and stylish as well. (source)

The wheel itself contains a powerful motor (250 watt) that has been augmented with smart intuitive sensors. To make it even better, it contains an exceptionally efficient battery that gives you plenty of power to make even long commutes a breeze. Furthermore, the Electron Wheel has a range of 30 miles and a top speed of 20 miles per hour. Combined with only a 2 hour charging time, this makes it the perfect solution to urban commuting.

The Electron Wheel doesn’t have any wires or throttles either. Simply use the bike as you always would and off you go, but with the electric assistance. Check out the video below.

Man using the Electron Wheel app to select options

The Electron Wheel app allows you to seamlessly control it right from your smartphone. It requires no throttle or cables.

Installation is also made incredibly simple and should not take you any more than 30 seconds. Belon Engineering managed to do this by designing the Electron Wheel to simply replace your front wheel. It simply slides into the front fork slots once you have removed your old front wheel.

Bicycle with Electron Wheel in front of a red garage door

The Electron Wheel gives you the ability to travel up to a speed of 20 miles per hour. It also gives you a range of approximately 30 miles per charge. (source)

In addition to this, the Electron Wheel seamlessly integrates with your smartphone. This allows it to be easily be controlled and gives you a selection of options to use. These options include distance and speed tracking, battery life readouts, assist levels and also ride mapping. The ride mapping functions via GPS tracking. (via)

Get it from Electron Wheel here.

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