Electrolux Professional Grand Cuisine

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If you want to turn your kitchen into a professional, restaurant-like place for cooking, Electrolux Professional Grand Cuisine provides just that. It will create a chef’s atmosphere and inspire you to enjoy the art of fine dining. Usually, you can find Electrolux Professional products in many restaurants worldwide but now the same tools can be used in your kitchen.

According to their design director they “chose materials and finishes that you would find in a professional context, such as stainless steel and glass, but with a high-end, refined sense of design.” Also, you’ll be able to incorporate the elements both in a modern looking and a traditional country style kitchen. Speaking of the elements, there are 9 of them, covering everything from chilling, sous-vide cooking, searing and steaming.

the blast chiller

The Electrolux Professional Grand Cuisine cooking system includes 9 elements.

So, what do you get with these cooking essentials? There’s the Combination Oven with precise cooking temperatures and a total control of heat and humidity. With it, you can choose to cook with regular heat, steam heat or both. The Blast Chiller will efficiently freeze your food and you can even put it inside as soon as it comes out of an oven. The Vacuum Sealer is a key to sous-vide cooking since it will airtight all food and liquids.

cooking fish on an iduction board

These high-quality elements will create a professional chefs atmosphere in your home.

One more element that comes in the Electrolux Professional Grand Cuisine Cooking System is the Induction Zone that offers high power and controllable safe heat settings. The Surround Induction Zone, on the other hand, provides an even cooking surface for a round-bottomed pan, so you can use it for steaming and frying.

cooking on the gas hob

Not to forget the Sear Hob for cooking without the pan and the standard gas hob that fits different pots and pans. Finally, this cooking system features a Standing Mixer, Bespoke Ventilation System and the Molteni Range Cooker built for the most demanding chefs.

the blue molteni range cooker

the stand mixer

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