Ok, this doesn’t really work yet, but the idea is so amazing that we had to show it to you. The Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator was one of the entries at the Electrolux yearly competition where people present new ideas. A few years back the idea was to redesign common kitchen appliances and make them more suitable for the future, so a Russian student called Yuriy Dimitriev chose to change our refrigerators.

Other requirements were said to agree with the Scandinavian Design which is said to be environmentally sensitive, beautiful and used intuitively. So, the idea was to reduce the size of a fridge, as well as its energy consumption while creating a visually attractive product. The result is the Bio Robot Refrigerator.

The fridge only has a frame that holds together a gel which is said to cool your food using luminescence, which is light generated in cold temperatures. The gel is not dirty, or sticky and if you wish to put a piece of food in the fridge, you simply need to place it inside the gel. It then suspends the food and cools it without any use of additional energy. There are no doors and the fridge is small and easy to use. Since there are no moving parts it is quiet and it can be designed to suit your style, or your interior.

Having in mind that there is no clear explanation of how the gel would be cooling the food, we have to be reserved when it comes to appraisals concerning practicality and current viability. However, the general idea is just amazing and it does not seem impossible that something based on this will cool our food several decades from now. [via] watch video below

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