Sway is a wonderful little electric motorcycle that employs all the advantages of an electric city buzzer and also adds some new features that will make you wonder why they haven’t been introduced before.

Just like most other electric motorcycles, the Sway is intended to be used in the city. With its compact size, it fits a motorcycle parking space and makes navigation through a gridlock easy. Still having three wheels, the Sway offers increased stability and eliminates the need to put your feet down when at a standstill. Additional perk are the disc brakes which significantly increase stopping distance especially due to the fact that there are two wheels at the front where the weight gets distributed when breaking.

Also, the Sway makes use of the regenerative breaking feature that is used even in high-end hybrid cars. It gathers energy during breaking and downhill riding and increases battery life. Going reverse is also possible, which is a feature that even most petrol motorcycles lack.

Electric Three Wheel Motorcycle by Sway

Carrying capacity is 350lb, which means that you can carry significant baggage with you and keep it in a 4 cubic feet of locking storage.

However, the best hasn’t been told yet. Turning is further enhanced with the implementation of swaying technology. It enables the rider to move the legs just like a skier would.

There are three versions of this amazing city transportation – the Basic, Lithium and LithiumPlus. The Basic costs $4,999 and provides the range of 20 miles and the top speed of 35mph. The Lithium will give the range of 40 miles with the top speed of respectable 60mph and it can be yours for $7,999. The most powerful LithiumPlus version has the top speed of 70mph and the range of 60 miles in the city and 40 miles on the highway for the price of $10,999.

In a market that is pretty straightforward, the Sway is a differentiating alternative. [via] watch video below

Electric Three Wheel Motorcycle

Electric Three Wheel Motorcycle by Sway

Electric Three Wheel Motorcycle by Sway

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