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If you’re looking into purchasing a picnic boat, make sure you check out the RAND Electric Picnic Boats. These are lightweight, environmentally friendly boats that can seat up to 10 people and that run on electricity. This makes them less noisy, fume-free and a lot cheaper to run than traditional fuel-powered boats. RAND has launched two similar models, Picnic and Picnic Sport, and both models are hydro-dynamically optimized to improve their speed and mobility.

The Electric Picnic Boats are a great alternative to the gas-powered boats. They weigh 280 kg (617 lb.) so they are easy to tow. The storage and capacity of these boats are pretty great considering their size. They have a storage capacity of 700 liters and 900 kg, and can sail for up to 16 hours at the speed of 13 km/h (8 knots). These are great boats for a family picnic and don’t require a sailing license so even the most inexperienced boaters can operate them.

RAND Electric Picnic Sport Boat in the water, a rear view.

The RAND Electric Picnic Boats are lightweight and environmentally friendly as they’re made from Kebony wood

RAND Electric Picnic Boats

These great picnic boats have a large storage capacity and can accommodate 10 people

The RAND Electric Picnic Boats have a 6.5 x 16-foot hull that’s made from recycled plastic bottles and wood sourced from sustainable forests. The boat helm, table and decking are made from Kebony wood which is a high-quality and sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. This durable material doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and will develop a silver coating over time. The boats are made with attention paid to safety so the floors are self-draining to prevent slipping and the hulls feature rounded wide edges coated with protective rubber fenders.

RAND Electric Picnic Boats

The Electric Picnic Sport Boat has a center steering console with a steering wheel

RAND Electric Picnic Boats

The elegant steering wheel provides a luxurious experience and advanced steering control

The Sports version of RAND’s Electric Picnic Boats has a center steering console with a steering wheel for a luxurious boating experience while the regular Picnic version has plug-and-play steering. The Picnic Sport has a gas handle that shows the remaining sail time. You can choose from lithium or gel batteries which can be charged at the harbor by the private pier or through the installed solar cells. The batteries and motor are sold separately. The Torquedo battery only weighs 9kg so it can be easily removed to charge. In addition to this, the boats are very roomy, comfortable and stable so you can move around in them freely. You can also opt for an adjustable table and comfortable sun lounge cushions.

RAND Electric Picnic Boats

The RAND Picnic Boats run on electricity so they’re silent, ecological, and cheaper to operate than the gas-powered boats

RAND Electric Picnic Boats

These boats are very roomy, have anti-slippage self-draining floors and comfortable cushions for careless pleasure

Check out the video below to see the RAND Picnic Sport Boat in action:

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