Are you a fan of speed? Have you ever wished for an open road, and the pure sound of a roaring engine petting your ears? Egoista EM 01 ST Supercar has got you covered, with their new track and street machine. Transformed by the needs of a common citizen, this vehicle is the future, and it comes in a small package. Do all great things really come in small packages?

Egoista EM 01 ST Supercar is a street car which resembles the Formula 1 vehicle. It has passed all the tests of vehicle safety technical services of the DMV, and every buyer will receive a certificate. This Supercar can be sent in kit (or it can be assembled before shipping, but this way it comes at a bit higher price), so you could spend some quality time with someone assembling the car. But this is not the best part.

Egoista EM01 ST Supercar

The best part is the speed limit. There are 2 versions of the car: The EV (electric vehicle) and the HB (hybrid vehicle). Both are pollution-free, and the most important difference between the two is in speed limit, ranging up from 180 mph on EV, and up to 280+ mph on HB. The car comes in any color you like, and what makes is special is that you will most likely be the single person in your town who drives a formula-like speed-car on the streets. How cool is that?

Egoista EM01 ST SHybrid upercar

So don’t have more doubts, preorder today, and help this campaign raise money for better improvements on the car. Get ready for the ride of your life! [via] watch video below

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