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Crowd funding sites have always been a great source of inspiration for us, product writers, and a fantastic platform for people with vision and knack for innovation. And the following product is inspirative, visionary and innovative! It is called Egloo and it is actually a heating device powered by candles. Yes, you read that right! Candles! This must be the cheapest and the most environmentally friendly heater we have ever encountered.

Candle powered heater

This little thing is certainly not an energy waster since you need only four candles to start using it. Considering that an average duration of a typical candle is about five hours, four candles are enough to warm up a room of up to 20 square metres. Egloo consists of four parts – the base, the grill and the two domes. The grill supports the domes and its purpose is to let the air in which is necessary for candle combustion. The thinner dome stores a high rate of heat (between 140° and 180° degrees Celsius) which is then conveyed to the external dome which, in turn, radiates the heat of between 30° and 50° degrees Celsius.

Egloo heater

This heating device is handmade from terracotta which is another wonderful ecological feature. Terracotta is known for slowly storing and gradually releasing the heat. Using Egloo cannot be simpler. Just position four candles on its base, insert the grill and place the domes on it. Wait for five minutes and Egloo is ready to do its job. Give it only thirty minutes and Egloo will raise the temperature in your room between 2° and 3° degrees Celsius. And it will only cost you 10 cents a day! [viawatch video below

Egloo heater, heats using a candle

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