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With the world becoming more sustainable by the day, why shouldn’t our heating be sustainable as well? Well, fortunately for us, there is a great new nifty device that will take care of all of your heating problems this coming winter. That device is the Egloo Candle Powered Heater.

Order the Egloo here.

Compact, efficient and renewable, the Egloo is bound to surprise you and you’ll be amazed at the cut to your power costs.

Black glazed Egloo on a table

It doesn’t only work as a heater but it looks more like a piece of modern art. Essentially, it will look good in any room you place it.

The Egloo features a unique design that takes advantage of the thermodynamic properties of terracotta. Consequently, this ensures that you can have a maximum amount of heat at a fraction of the costs. Check out the introduction video below.

White Glazed Egloo on a table

Since the Egloo only uses 3 tea candles, it can function for 5 hours at a cost of only 10 cents.

It works by placing 3 tea candles in the base, you then attach the grill on which the two terracotta domes gets placed and then you’re ready to go. The grill leaves a space between the domes for air intake so that the candles can combust. Also, the thinner internal dome stores heat at an exceptionally high rate. This heat then gets transferred to the outer dome which then exchanges the heat with the environment. Within 5 minutes, your Egloo will be ready and heating the room of your choice.

Furthermore, the unique properties of the terracotta dome allows it to efficiently and conservatively disperse infrared radiation in all directions. As a matter of fact, this dome is so effective, that it continues to release heat even after the candles have been blown out.

Egloo textured metal on a table

Because the Egloo achieved its funding target, they opened up two new categories for your selection; metal and textured. Therefore, you are bound to find something that fits your particular style and tastes.

Each Egloo has the ability to heat up a room of 20sqm (215.27 Square Foot) for 5 hours at a cost of only 10 cents for the candle refills.

The Egloo was successfully funded on Kickstarter and there are a variety of discounts available for the coming winter season. You can also choose between a variety of colors and designs from five different categories. These categories are Natural, Colored, Glazed, Textured and Metal.

Order the Egloo here.

Check out some more designs below the video:

Egloo red on a table

Egloo Yellow on a table

Egloo violet textured

Egloo blue textured on a table

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