The Edge Desk | Ergonomic And Foldable Workstation


When working, it’s important to sit comfortably and have enough space around you to place all the stuff you need by your hand. These were all the reasons why The Edge Desk was created. It’s designed to make you more productive and it’s currently funded on Kickstarter.

The first thing we should mention is that it’s both the desk and the chair. And it’s collapsable. When you fold it down it will take little space, well, less than a chair and desk would normally take. You can then easily place it anywhere, for example under your bed.

A Guy Sitting At The Edge Desk

The Edge Desk is a combination of desk and chair that’s designed to improve your productivity when working, but also to provide the necessary comfort.

The Edge Desk is all about customization. You can choose one of 5 different angle settings, 5 height settings and 8 tilt settings. As for the construction, it’s made from aluminum and has a clean white desk surface. It also features a thick, padded seat as well as knee rests. To set up and fold down the Edge Desk it will take not more than 10 seconds. What’s really cool about it is that it’s designed to accommodate almost any body type.

Different mages Of The Edge Desk

The Edge Desk can be folded easily. It also has 5 different angle settings, 5 height settings and 8 tilt settings.

Because of the way the seat is placed, and the position of the knee support, the Edge Desk will treat your neck and back good and help you keep up with the right posture. In the future, you’ll be able to get all sort of accessories that will snap into the edge of the desk and when you’re not using, they can be folded. For example, accessories like cup holder, speakers, LED light powered by USB and many more. watch video below

Check out this video to see The Edge Desk in action. 

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