Winter is here! It is that time of the year when hibernation is justifiable, hot drinks and long-simmered meals are a must and the first snow is just around the corner. Some dread it, some love it. Those who love it and are also avid skiers and snowboarders, can find quite a few articles about ski equipment, goggles included, on our site. This time around we are bringing you a wonderful new product by California-based company Electric called EG3 Snow Goggles which is the next stage in the evolution of their previous model, the immensely popular EG2. Just skimming through the specification of the EG3, it quickly becomes evident that these goggles are top of the line. Why? Allow us to explain.

Firstly, EG3 Snow Goggles have the Electric Press SEAL system which ensures an airtight lens to frame seal. For those skiers and snowboarders who are more seasoned and tech savvy than the rest of us, we should mention that the EG has first-class optics with excellent peripheral vision. Although each EG3 goggle has been manufactured with performance in mind, comfort is not compromised thanks to a well-fitting frame design featuring triple-layered face foam made from polar fleece. Also, each frame has been engineered with maximum air flow in mind which prevents your eyes from watering and your goggle shield from fogging.

EG3 snow goggles by Electric

By the way, all Electric’s lenses provide complete UVA/UVB protection and have an abrasion-proof and anti-scratch coating. Experienced skiers know that skiing at higher altitudes often causes their goggles to have distorted optical clarity owing to pressure building up between inner and outer lens. However, with the EG3 this is not a concern whatsoever because these goggles have a directional valve which reduces pressure caused by high altitudes while keeping visual clarity at an optimal level. Last but not least, there is anti-reflection coating which drastically minimizes the impact of light reflecting off the surface thus protecting the wearer’s eyes. watch video below

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EG3 snow goggles

EG3 snow goggles by Electric

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