Editors’ Pick Of The 10 Best Kitchen Gadgets From GearBest

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GearBest is celebrating their second anniversary and to honor this celebration we’ve put together a list of 10 cool kitchen gadgets that are both useful and fun. Check it out.

1 – Loch Ness Monster Design Ladle

Loch Ness Monster Design Ladle

This unique looking monster ladle will have its neck stick out of the soup like it supposedly does in Loch Ness. It can resist high temperatures and it comes in three colors- blue, green and rose.

BUY | $1.99

2 – Mini Crystal Skull Transparent Glass Cup

Mini Crystal Skull Transparent Glass Cup

The cup is made out of blown glass and it can be a great way to serve booze to friends and to use for party decorations.

BUY | $2.70

3 – Practical Beer Dispenser Machine

Practical Beer Dispenser Machine

This easy to use machine can fit 1L and it can be used for pouring not only beer but different types of alcohol, water, juice or soda.

BUY | $22.99

4 – Skull Design Sugar Spoon

Skull Design Sugar Spoon

Skull Design Sugar Spoon is made from stainless steel, it will encourage you to use less sugar and probably looks better than any spoon you already have.

BUY | $3.44

5 – Star Wars Death Star Silicone Ice Cube Trays Ice Ball

Star Wars Death Star Silicone Ice Cube Trays Ice Ball

Death Star ice tray is heat and cold resistant and it will make awesome shaped ice balls for your favorite drink.

BUY | $3.79

6 – Manual Pepper And Salt Spice Mill

Manual Pepper And Salt Spice Mill

The hourglass design grinder fits salt on one side and pepper on the other.

BUY | $6.47

7 – Stainless Steel Cup

Stainless Steel Cup

The 30ml cup is great for traveling since it will keep your drink hot for 12 hours.

BUY | $8.88

8 – Skull Shape Silicone Mould

Skull Shape Silicone Mould

Shape your breakfast eggs or pancakes into tiny skulls with a silicone mould.

BUY | $2.69

9 – Bird Shaped Ceramic Folding Knife

Bird Shaped Ceramic Folding Knife

This small ceramic portable blade is very sharp and great for simple cutting jobs and outdoor activities.

BUY | $2.54

10 – Cartoon People Pot Spill-Proof Tool

Cartoon People Pot Spill-Proof Tool

Prevent overflow when making pot cooked meals with silicone environmental friendly kitchen helpers.

BUY | $2.26

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