EcoZoom is a social enterprise that is producing ecological products which improve health, income and environment. The first thing they decided to improve are cook stoves, because they think this is one of the weakest spots in the world, but they also produce solar lamps, water filters, and reusable sanitary pods, as well. Their latest project is called the EcoZoom Dura and it is a rocket stove, which is delivered both to developing and developed countries.

This stove uses wood, charcoal and other dry solid biomass, which is really important in order to preserve the environment. It is very durable and can be used both during camping and for off-grid cooking. The height of this stove is 10.25″, it is 9.5″ in diameter and it weighs only 10 lbs.

Camping stove from EcoZoom

Dura features abrasion resistant insulated combustion chamber that causes the gases to mix with flames, which significantly decreases harmful emissions while preserving the supreme burn efficiency. Also, it features a refractory metal liner on the inside of the chamber that increases the life of the stove and improves combustion efficiency. The metal door frame on the stove boosts the durability, along with installation sockets on the frame itself that hold the stick support system firmly. They designed a new three-pronged cast iron top that will keep the pot or the pan stable and also reduce the chance for chipping the top of this cook stove. You will never need to worry about burning your fingers on the handles, because they are made of high-quality stainless steel and are wrapped with silicone grips, for additional safety.

EcoZoom Rocket camping stove

Cooks all over the world could benefit from the amazing EcoZoom Dura rocket stove, no matter whether they are professional or just occasional cooks.

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EcoZoom Rocket Stove Dura

EcoZoom Rocket Stove Dura

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