We are always on the prowl for the most interesting products for you beer-loving folk and we think we have found one that you will really like – Earth Cooler, developed by Danish company eCool which was set up by four guys from the island of Mors in northern Denmark. There is no need for a bucket of ice, a refrigerator or portable coolers when you have Earth Cooler. Also, this original gadget is environmentally friendly and does not require electricity to operate.

Earth Cooler can hold up to 24 cans of any average-sized canned beverage (size 330 ml in Europe, 12 oz in the U.S.). You simply install the cooler into the ground with the can holding compartment being buried completely beneath the surface. You can use it in any place with soil, be it your garden or terrace. The only thing you need to have is a garden shovel or a garden drill to make the hole deep enough. The top of the cooler is so well insulated that it maintains approximately the same temperature throughout.

How do you get your beer cans out of the ground? Simply by using the built-in hand crank which you also used to lower the cans into the ground. As far as the dimensions and the weight go, Earth Cooler is 113cm high, it measures between 22 and 30cm in diameter and it weighs 12 kilograms.

Ecool beer cooler

Ecool underground beer cooler

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