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Having a fully functional off-grid house has never been more simple. The Ecocapsule is small in size, can be easily transported and has everything inside and outside to allow two adults to live inside of it. The Ecocapsule is powered by a wind-turbine and roof solar panels, so there is no need to worry about the lack of power as this amazing house has two efficient ways of generating its own power. It even has built-in rainwater and dew collection systems so your toilet, shower and kitchen sink are fully functional at all times. If you were wondering why it has a spherical shape, it is because so it can fully utilize the water collection systems.

Ecocapsule layout

Taking a look at the layout of the Ecocapsule shows us all of its features

As for the interior of this small, self-sustainable house, you have everything to be comfortable during your stay. A folding bed will provide you with comfort during night and there is even a work and dining station fitted inside. This house also has a lot of storage space both inside and outside. Above the bed and next to the work/dining station, there are several cupboards so you can keep your clothes and other stuff. The side of the house with the wind turbine can be opened to reveal another storage section in which you can store tools of sports gear.

Ecocapsule bed and storage

Two people can live comfortably in the Ecocapsule

The Ecocapsule has a kitchenette with several cupboards and everything you require to fix yourself a proper home cooked meal. The size of the house also has an advantage as it requires little preparation to be transported; it can be shipped, airlifted and even towed to your desired location. The Ecocapsule makes going off-grid extremely easy without making a lot of sacrifices.

Ecocapsule kitchenette

It has a fully functional kitchenette and toilet

Ecocapsule placement

You can place the Ecocapsule anywhere you want because it is very easy to transport

Check out a video about the Ecocapsule.

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