From Toronto-based Ecobee comes the Ecobee3 Smart WiFi Thermostat, the first smart thermostat which comes with an app-enabled system. It includes all the features you would want from a thermostat along with a very handy remote sensor and the Power Extender Kit which allows for simplified installation.

While ordinary thermostats read temperature in only one room, this brand new thermostat will allow you to regulate the temperature in your entire home more efficiently as it uses a remote sensor to deliver the right temperature wherever you place them. If you happen to leave your home abruptly the sensor will regulate the temperature accordingly, useful for much needed energy savings as this products boasts an average of 23% in annual savings.

Ecobee3 smart thermostat

As for the installation of this thermostat, it allows you to skip the additional costs of professional installation as most HVAC systems already support this kind of thermostat. As for the ones that do not, there is always the Power Extender Kit which allows for installation in homes with older HVAC systems.

Ecobee3 thermostat app

As it is marketed as a smart thermostat, this product would not be worthwhile if it did not have an edge over similar products. The friendly user interface and an adaptability to outside weather are more than useful but the most useful feature comes with the regulation of the thermostat over its official app. The app enables users to regulate all the features of this device from either your computer, tablet and, of course, smartphone. Very handy if you want to set the temperature in your home to your liking moments before stepping inside.

Priced at $249, this device can be a very neat addition to any modern home. The simple and efficient way in which it is used makes this product worth looking into. The Ecobee3 WiFi Thermostat allows for making your home cozier than ever.

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