If you are tired of spending money on bottled water, but are not a big fan on drinking tap water, then you should look into alternatives. Like the Eau Good Water Bottle designed by Black+Blum, for instance. This water bottle is the perfect combination of retro design, convenience and technology because of what it has to offer. The most important thing about this water bottle is the integration of a Japanese binchotan charcoal piece, which serves the purpose of fully purifying tap water.  This charcoal has been in use in Japan since the 17th century and it can effectively reduce chlorine, mineralise the water and balance the pH levels in it.

Eau Good Water Bottle binchotan

This water bottle utilizes a binchotan charcoal piece to purify tap water


As for the design of the bottle, the cork stopper and the stainless steel lock wire say all that the designers wanted to convey. Minimalist style and functionality are key in this case. The only detail that stands out a bit is the carrying strap which is available in four colors: blue, green, violet and red. The bottle itself was made from a material called tritan, which has the features perfect for this kind of water bottle. It is see-through, very durable and offers heat and chemical resistance.

Eau Good Water Bottle how to use

Simply put in the binchotan charcoal and squeeze the bottle to lock the charcoal in place

How it works

The use of this bottle is very simple. First you have to insert the charcoal piece inside the bottle and squeeze it so that the charcoal can lock itself in the predetermined slot. After that, fill the bottle with tap water and wait for one hour for noticeable results. If you decide to wait for four hours, the water quality gets even better. The best results, however, are achieved if you let the charcoal do its magic for at least eight hours.

Eau Good Water Bottle color variants

The carrying straps come in four colors: blue, green, violet and red

The charcoal in this water bottle has a lifespan of six months after which you will have to replace it. Products like these, which are geared towards people who care about drinking healthy water, also come with other perks. As this can be the only water bottle you use for a certain period of time, you will reduce the amount of regular plastic water bottles and help protect the environment.

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