Dufl | A Service That Packs And Ships Your Suitcase


The absolute nightmare of travelling is packing. You need to clean everything, pack carefully and then carry the bag around with you. Dufl is a premium travel service that realizes the entire process is a waste of time and is looking to change that.

So, how does this service work? You sign up on the Dufl App and a Dufl suitcase will arrive to your destination. In it, pack all the clothes you normally take with you on a trip and schedule a pickup. Dufl will pick up your bag using FedEx, take inventory, photograph, clean and store your clothes.

Dufl App

Use the Dufl App to schedule a trip, check inventory and the location of your suitcase.

Once you schedule the trip, open the Dufl app, select the clothes you’ll need and let them know when and where you’re travelling. When you come to your destination, the luggage will be waiting for you. The same goes for a trip back. Schedule a pickup, and they’ll clean, store and ship your items. You can always add more items to the inventory.

Dufl Suitcases

Dufl will make sure your luggage gets at the destination before you do. This will save you valuable time.

The idea is that the luggage always comes before you arrive. Dufl will save you not only the time you would spend on packing, but also on cleaning, drying and ironing. It’ll keep your things safe and you can board early since you don’t have to worry about checking or retrieving the bag.

As for price, it’s $.9.95 per month for the Virtual Closet, and a standard round trip costs $99. A round trip includes shipping to your destination, return shipping to the warehouse and all cleaning fees. It’s also possible to use Dufl for international trips.

Check out this video to see how Dufl works.

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