Military Style Duffel | By Able Archer


If you’re in need of a durable and sturdy bag to take on your long trips and adventures, the Able Archer Duffel might be just the bag for you. This bag is made from high-quality materials, featuring mil-spec canvas on the outside that makes the bag water resistant and strong dependable nylon on the inside. This duffel also has a removable laptop sleeve and a hidden inner compartment for accessories from tripods to notebooks. These are the key features that ensure versatility and make this bag ideal for all conditions.

The Able Archer Duffel features distinct aesthetic and it’s very practical as it has many inner compartments. The hidden inner compartment can be accessed by side access zippers, which is a very cool feature. This bag features the brand’s recognizable Molle-compatible Archer-Mount webbing and it’s available in four options: leaf, sand, ash and cement. This is one of the classic rugged bags made by this manufacturer to be durable and functional with a timeless military style design.

Able Archer Duffel, leaf, landscape on a white background.

The Duffel Bag features waterproof mil-spec canvas on the outside, waterproof zippers, and nylon on the inside

The Able Archer Duffel is part of the collection inspired by the needs of photojournalists, news writers and guerrilla filmmakers. With that being said, it’s clear that this isn’t your ordinary duffel bag but a bag that’s been upgraded with modern features. We’ve already mentioned the removable laptop sleeve, but we haven’t said that it’s located in the middle of the bag to act as a separator and to provide additional protection for your device.

Able Archer Duffel, cement, with the laptop in the center sleeve and numerous accessories in other compartments. Upper view.

The Duffel has a removable laptop sleeve that can also work as a separator to help you organize your stuff better

The mentioned neoprene laptop sleeve has its own waterproof zipper, but the three main zippers are also waterproof and provide fast and easy access to the bag’s compartments. And this isn’t all that the Able Archer Duffel has to offer. Both sides of the bag feature hidden access to space under the lining that can be used to store shoes, tripods or other accessories you don’t want in your main compartment. The elastic loops are installed to help secure your load.

Able Archer Duffel, cement, empty, wide open, on a white background.

This bag has a capacity of 42 liters and has customizable handles for hand, backpack or shoulder carry

On the sides of the Able Archer Duffel, you can spot vintage style zippers that provide access to pockets with neoprene lined organizers. This top loader bag has a capacity of 42 liters. The dimensions of the bag are 11.2’’ height, 19.3’’ width and 11.8’’ depth. The good news is, this duffel comes with customizable handles so you can carry it in your hand, over the shoulder or on your back like a classic backpack. The minimalistic colors along with great versatility and functionality emphasize the fact that this is a serious working bag, not a glossy purse for showing off. [via]

Able Archer Duffel, sand, side tilted view with a pair of shoes sticking out from one side.

This bag also features secret compartments and space under the lining accessible from both sides can work as a shoe compartment

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