Ducati 90 Years: A Visual History Of Ducati Design


When we hear the name Ducati, we immediately conjure up an image of one of the most powerful motorcycles in the world. They deliver brutal speed with outstanding performance, and many men dream of riding one, someday. However, as tragic as 2016 seemed to a lot of people, it was still Ducati’s 90thAnniversary. So, to celebrate, we introduce Stile Ducati: A Visual History of Ducati Design.

It’s fascinating to note that Ducati was founded on July 4th 1926 through the will of three brothers. 90 years later, Ducati still thrives and brings us some of the world’s best superbikes.

The Visual History of Ducati Design follows the story of the three brothers and how the company boomed from two workers and a secretary into a company of 1200 within 10 years. It doesn’t only give you the story, but it also has some stunning photography and closely follows the Ducati designs that we have come to know and love. From their interesting scrambler designs, to their phenomenal superbikes, and even cruisers, they’ve got it all.

This book has 240 pages full of stories, humorous anecdotes, and amazing photography.

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