You want to enjoy the sounds around you, but you don’t want to jeopardize your hearing when they get too loud? With Dubs Acoustic Filters you will be able to protect yourself from all of the damaging effects of noise from the outside and to hear the world more clearly than ever before at the same time.

The leading experts of acoustic engineering have realized that it is not enough for ear plugs to just shut all the sounds out, but that they need to be modified somehow in a way that they only reduce the volume of the sound leaving the quality of it intact. They managed to produce the system which is able to catch only certain frequencies thus leaving all the unnecessary noise out.

Modern way of life has intensified all our experiences, including sounds, and while we think that we maybe have got used to it, our ears suffer. That is why dubs offer you the opportunity to be kind to your hearing, and to experience noise reduced up to 12 decibels.

These very elegantly designed, useful, and health saving acoustic filters cost only 25$ at GetDubs and are definitely worth the price.

So whether your work, your lifestyle or some other life circumstances expose you daily to wild noises there is absolutely no need for you to suffer from them. It is time to take your health seriously and to enjoy the sounds of life without restraint.

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Dubs acoustic filters

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