Extreme sports lovers are the kind of people who are always looking for some new adrenaline fix. Dual Snowboards might easily be just that. They are essentially a board cut in half, thus providing you with a board for each foot.

This kind of a setup gives you far more freedom than a traditional snowboard ever could. It stems from the mobility that is impossible when you lock both your feet to a snowboard. It is bound to generate loads of new tricks and inspire numerous snow loving thrill seekers to push the boundaries.

Dual Snowboard airborn

On the strictly practical side, Dual Snowboards are also far more useful on the ground, giving you the maneuverability never before achieved with a snowboard or skis. You can walk and even run with them on your feet. Additional perk is that they can be used as snowshoes as well.

When used for their primary purpose, provided you get a little used to them first, they will enable you to turn, stop, carve and enjoy the rides in a more natural posture, opening new possibilities without diminishing the thrills of a traditional snowboard.

Dual Snowboard trick

Dual Snowboards have a sintered base, core made of poplar wood, ABS sidewalls, stainless steel edges and standard binding inserts which enable you to enjoy your favorite bindings with them.

Carving may seem a bit more difficult than with a single long board, but possible nevertheless. Anyway, after a while on the Dual Snowboards, using a traditional single snowboard will feel pretty simple.

Dual Snowboard jump

The idea was to combine the advantages of skiing and snowboarding and it is not a new concept. But most of the previous options, along with the advantages, carried the combined downsides with them. Dual Snowboards seem to be pretty good, though. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if this product will give us the revolution that snowboards did, or if it will turn out to be just a temporary thing. We hope for the first option. watch video below

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Dual Snowboards in action

Dual Snowboard jump

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