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If you just won’t settle with regular transportation modes and are always eager to get a handful of extra kicks when shopping for vehicles, you’ll be delighted to hear that a new ride has arrived and it’s looking to beat all others in terms of functionality, design and reliability of performance in the field. Hail DTV Shredder, a state-of-the-art crossover vehicle created to deliver a superior ride experience on any given surface and in any weather conditions fate decides to throw your way. And how does this thing work exactly? Let’s find out!

DTV Shredder all-terrain segway and skateboard

“Our goal was simple, we wanted to create a new vehicle that would be compact yet powerful, rideable all year round in any weather, and on truly all terrains. We envisioned the Shredder becoming a new sport that would allow anybody to enjoy the outdoors regardless of where they live or the vehicle they drive. The idea was to merge the Action and Power sport experience into a fully immersive off-road ride like never before,” says BPG Werks founder Ben Gulak.

DTV Shredder all-terrain vehicle

Created by the crafty folks at BPG Werks after years of development efforts in collaboration with some of the top world X-Game athletes, DTV Shredder (short for Dual Tracked Vehicle) is a compact and powerful ATV equipped with an advanced DUAL-CTV transmission system that translates your body movements into smooth carves and twists in driving, letting you conquer any terrain you throw its way come rain or shine. If you take a closer look at this innovative vehicle, you’ll see a four-stroke 196cc engine capable of outputting 14 horsepower, high-performing CVT drive system, a set of stunner hydraulic brakes, one-gallon tank and a six-point articulating suspension topped by a convenient pivoting deck, two independently-powered caterpillar-like molded rubber tank treads and swing arms crafted from cast aluminum – all in all, a ride fit for a king of the toughest of off-road trails!

DTV Shredder all-terrain segway and skateboard

A nutshell tank-come-jet ski that operates much like a standard skateboard, the Shredder can develop top speeds of up to 48 km/h, which is rather impressive for such a small vehicle. Extremely maneuverable, stable and fun to ride, DTV Shredder optimally mimics the motions of your body, meaning its inner track will slow down and the outer one will pick up pace proportionally as you lean into a turn during the ride (a feel similar to shredding a mountainside on a snowboard, some say). Thanks to its rotating deck, the Shredder will swing, twist and turn in any direction you want it to and its trusty hydraulic brakes will grind the ATV to a safe and timely stop when needed. For added functionality and scope of use, DTV Shredder’s extraordinary traction capabilities and low center of gravity allow the driver to even conquer uphill rides over slopes with up to 40 degrees of incline, and its sealed carburetor means you’ll be able to cross waters up to 25 centimeters deep. Now that can come in as mightily convenient at times, don’t you think?

DTV Shredder all-terrain segway and skateboard

A great vehicle for rough surfaces like deep powder snow, ice, mud, loose sand, gravel, rocks and marshlands, DTV Shredder has an easy-to-use twist grip throttle and handle-mounted brake lever for superior balance, extra stability and simple steering, and its handle bars can be neatly folded down for remote ATV control. Capable of withstanding 300 pounds of useful load, the BPG Werks hybrid vehicle weighs as few as 320 pounds and it could also come in handy when lugging around payloads up to 1200 pounds in conjunction with a specially-designed trailer.

DTV Shredder all-terrain vehicle

Measuring 116.8 x 45.7 x 53.3 centimeters (W x H x D), the Shredder will cover 48 kilometers of rough terrain on a full tank. Great for action and power sports and useful for even some farming and military purposes, the rugged one-person vehicle is available in three different colors – black, grey and orange. So, if you want to take your adrenaline rides to the ultimate level and experience the thrills of jet-skiing across hard ground, perhaps you should try DTV Shredder for size – we guarantee you’ll love it from the moment you turn on the engine. [viawatch video below

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