Trying to find a good backpack for both your every-day-carry items, such as your gadgets, laptop and other personal or work related items, and for gear which you might take on a camping trip or a hike can be very tricky. Most people opt for two different ones for each particular use, but doing this can make you spend money unnecessarily. This is precisely why the DSPTCH Ruckpack is ideal for you. With a storage capacity of an outdoor backpack and the utility of a backpack geared for your gadgets, the DSPTCH Ruckpack brings a lot to the fold. The multipurpose features of this backpack are further enhanced by its durability, clever compartment design and some tweaks which will make it easier to carry for longer periods of time.

Design and Compartments

DSPTCH Ruckpack style

The design of the DSPTCH Ruckpack is inspired by traditional military backpacks

The DSPTCH Ruckpack’s design was based on traditional military rucksacks, although the fellas at DSPTCH trimmed it down a notch and made it less rugged without sacrificing storage capacity. Along with a large number of smaller pockets for everyday items, this backpack features a separate, laptop-only compartment and a very large main compartment. This compartment uses a panel-loading design which allows you easy access.

DSPTCH Ruckpack compartments

The large main compartment uses a panel-loading design for easy access

The main compartment has additional pockets of its own, including a water bottle holder and slots for personal documents. DSPTCH Ruckpack is available in three colors: grey, navy and black, and although black ones, in general, are the most appealing, we have to lean towards the grey one in this case because it gives the backpack a slick and more urban look.

Materials and Additional Features

DSPTCH Ruckpack materials

As is the case with military backpacks, the Ruckpack is also made from very durable materials

As this backpack was inspired by a military design, it would be a shame if it didn’t meet the same durability standards. Luckily, it does. It uses ballistic nylon, duraflex hardware, and mil spec webbing to make it extremely difficult to rip and tear. This backpack has one additional, and pretty awesome, feature.

DSPTCH Ruckpack back support

The addition of the HDPE and aluminum back support will help reduce fatigue while wearing this backpack

Its design incorporates the use of a rigid HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and aluminum back support which is used to reduce fatigue while wearing it. The back support will come in handy when on long walks or commutes, or if you go hiking as you will not feel the burden of this backpack as you would with a regular one.

The DSPTCH Ruckpack is an excellent piece of gear, both well-designed and well-made. As a 25 liter backpack that is pretty easy on the eyes to, you could be looking at a backpack that you will be using for years to come. [via]

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