Spending time outdoors can be a lot of fun, but incorporating your favorite tunes makes the experience much better. However, you can’t bring just any type of sound system with you because there are always risks of permanently damaging it. That’s why you should search for something sturdy and, possibly, waterproof so you can rest assured that no harm comes to your gear. The Drytunes Waterproof Wireless Speaker does just that. Completely waterproof, it can be used both above and below the water surface and it will continue running. Apart from being an excellent high-fidelity speaker, this awesome piece of gear offers 400 cubic inches of internal storage so that every piece of equipment you have can stay dry and functional.

Drytunes storage

This speaker offer 400 cubic inches of storage space

The storage space which the Drytunes speaker offers can be customized thanks to its foam interior. This foam can be removed to create a large storage area or modified so it can serve as a cushion to protect you camera, phone or tablet.

Drytunes lid

The speaker works with the lid both opened and closed

This speaker can be controlled by any Bluetooth enabled device so you can listen to whatever music you like while engaging in your favorite outdoor activities. In case you don’t have any, you can use the speaker’s internal auxiliary input. It was also designed to work both with the lid opened and closed (how else would you use it under water).

Drytunes color variants

This speaker is available in three different colors

Featuring 16 hours of playback time, you have more than enough time to enjoy awesome background music with your buddies. It is also equipped with external magnetic controls because regular buttons would mean that there would have to be small openings in it and its whole waterproof feature would go to waste. Available in three colors: black, olive green and safety yellow, this speaker offer quite a lot of things for all you outdoor enthusiasts.

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Drytunes magnetic control

The Drytunes speaker uses external magnetic controls

Check out the Drytunes Waterproof Wireless Speaker commercial.

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