The Barcelona-based IN-TENTA Creative Design Group has developed the DROP Eco-Hotel, a truly ground-breaking mobile hotel concept by successfully blending the warmth and comfort of a Hobbit house, eco-friendliness and a natural design.

DROP Eco-Hotel has been conceived as a portable accommodation that can be easily set up in natural surroundings. Although the entire idea came from the ‘back-to-basics’ and ecologically-friendly way of accommodation, the DROP Eco-Hotel is much more than a scout tent, but an extremely comfortable hotel room.

Drop Eco Hotel Exterior Design in the forest

Drop Eco Hotel Outside Dining Table

Composed of modular wooden and steel elements, DROP Eco-Hotel can be perfectly and rather easily integrated into most natural surroundings.

The structure of DROP has been developed to avoid the direct contact with the ground, thus preserving the natural environment, avoiding cold and direct contact with insects and small animals living on the soil.

Drop Eco Hotel Interior Design

The organic, spherical enclosures of the DROP can be opened wide and bring the residents into direct contact with the surrounding nature.

Drop Eco Hotel Exterior Portable Design

Units can be grouped in various configurations. Several DROPs put together could create a lovely, modern-day Hobbiton.

Drop Eco Hotel Portable Feature

Due to its flexible design, the DROP Eco-Hotel can be safely installed on a wide variety of natural locations, from beaches and forests to hills and cliffs.
Drop Eco Hotel Exterior Design

The connection with movies doesn’t end with ‘The Lord of the Rings’. DROP Eco-Hotel also has sleekness of an Sci-Fi movie spaceship…
Drop Eco Hotel Interior Design

…and the interior design features the coolness and appeal of the 1960s James Bond movies.
IN-TENTA’s DROP eco-hotel is one of the winning concepts of the contest organized by Urban Square, O-Cults and Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arguitectura and it will be produced by Urban Square, the famous Spanish company dedicated to urban furniture and micro-architecture.

DROP Eco-Hotel can be described as a truly revolutionary step in eco-friendly micro-architecture. Not only is it developed to be sustainable and environmentally-friendly, but it is also an incredibly comfortable accommodation, providing an exceptional natural experience. watch video below

Check out more details in the plans below:
Drop Eco Hotel Floor Plan

Drop Eco Hotel Floor Plan

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