Drill For Special Operations | By NEMO


Every home needs a proper toolbox, and every man wants his tools to be reliable, of course. You don’t want to buy new tools over and over again just because they can’t withstand hard work. With this Special Ops Drill by NEMO, you won’t have to worry about that ever again.

This Nemo Drill was built for none other than Military Special Operatives and for their own personal toolboxes. It’s extremely durable and it can withstand the most difficult jobs out there. This drill works perfectly up to 100 meters (328ft) underwater, and it’s completely salt-water resistant. It has no logos on it, it’s just painted in simple but powerful black.

Nemo Drill photographed from the side.

It comes with two 18 V Li-ion 6Ah rechargeable batteries.

With the drill, you’ll get a very strong and long-lasting case, battery charger, two 18 V Li-ion 6Ah rechargeable batteries, pressure valve and pump through which you’ll be able to pressurize the drill when needed.

Case with the drill and all of its components

A strong and durable case for your new favorite tool.

Nemo Drill has two options regarding speed, the slower one with 400 rotations per minute, and the faster one with 1500 RPM. On both sides of the 13mm chuck, there are two LED lights that will illuminate the working space if you find yourself in someplace dark.

With maximum drilling diameter of 13mm, this masterpiece of a tool will cover most of your needs if not all of them. When fully equipped, this drill weighs just a little bit under 3kg(6.61 pounds), so you will able to carry it everywhere with ease.

Nemo Drill comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, but this tool is simply made to last forever. Every man deserves to have a tool this mighty and reliable in his toolbox. [viawatch video below

Nemo drill captured from the side, with water splashing around it.

Nemo Drill can work perfectly up to 100m(328ft) underwater.

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