Big Wheel Drift Trikes By SFD Industries are SO MUCH FUN


Remember those bygone happy-go-lucky times when you were just a curious bubbly kid pedaling around the hood on your tricycle in the quest for adventures to the best Dennis-the-Menace scale? Well, now you can actually evoke those days of childlike wonder and escapades as a brand-new adult tricycle model has finally arrived and is ready to take you for another carefree ride around the block – with the Big Wheel Drift Trikes by SFD Industries, you’ll remember what it feels like to be a fearless little daredevil with the whole world at your feet and no such thing as impossible in your mind’s eye.

Big Wheels for Adults

Ideal for stunt trike drifting, the Big Wheel-style motorized adult tricycle was designed by SFD Industries owner August Agner who decided to experiment a little with the trike concept and throw in a 26-inch by 3.5-inch front wheel for extra stability and a truly childlike experience behind the big wheel. Fitted with a 6.5 horsepower karting race engine, Big Wheel Drift Trike features a CNC chassis bent out of .095 chromoly, all fully TIG welded and assembled at the SFD North Carolina workshop. Sitting less than an inch above ground to ensure a low gravity center, the Big Wheel Drift Trike is outfitted with SFD-built frame, forks and handlebars, as well as rear brakes, karting wheels and tires, black anodized rims, the bigrig 26×3-inch front wheel, twist throttle attached to the aluminum bars, genuine Big Wheel seat, air filter and adapter and customizable choice of powder coating.

big wheel drift trikes for sale by SFD Industries

Big Wheel Drift Trike is fitted with a 6.5 horsepower karting race engine

As Agner says, the features that set the Big Wheel Drift Trike above the rest of the trikes currently available on the market include the super-thick PVC sleeves wrapped around the rear wheels, designed to stand many months of sideways traction loss in trike stunts, and the special foot-rest pegs built to eliminate unnecessary foot lifts during the drifting which may lead to accidental leg injuries.

So, if you are looking to get yourself a new grownup tricycle that both looks amazing and promises tons of stunt-inspired fun while keeping you safe and sound in the saddle, you can purchase your Big Wheel Drift Trike for USD 2,000, and SFD Industries will also let you add some custom upgrades at a relatively reasonable price, such as an upgraded dyno-tuned motor (costing USD 500), an aluminum down tube mount gas tank with pump and throttle plate (which will set you back another USD 200) or hydraulic disc brakes, renthal grips and upgrade twist throttle.

So, why wait any longer? Get your new motorized grownup tricycle today and cheer up your inner child! watch video below

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big wheel drift trikes for sale

SFD Industries will let you upgrade certain features of your drift trike

big wheel drift trikes for sale

August Agner, owner of SFD Industries

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