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Well-designed furniture is not easy to find, regardless of the large number of choices you may have. Most of us also don’t want something that will stick out like a sore thumb in our homes after you slap a new paint job inside. The perfect choice would be something that is designed to withstand the changing trends and holds a slight edge over other furniture when it comes to the details. The Dresser with a Hidden Compartment has just what you need, it is a well-designed wooden dressers with interesting color patterns and, of course, a hidden compartment, something most of us wanted ever since we were kids.

Front view of the dresser

The dresser has a mysterious appearance and nature

This amazing dresser was designed by an Israeli designer named Alon Dodo, who is extremely skilled at creating beautiful modern pieces of furniture from hard wood by using traditional and mostly unused techniques today. His dresser looks like a traditional one but the fine details separate it from them. The frame of the dresser was finished in black which gives it a slightly ominous and mysterious appearance while the front of the drawers were left in their original state to contrast the dark tone of the frame.

Inlay technique

The designer uses the inlaying technique to create new patterns

A brilliant move made by the designer was to remove the traditional drawer handles and replace them with smaller black drawer pulls. What Alon Dodo also likes to incorporate in his furniture is adding fine details into the wood in order to break the natural patterns and add a personal touch to it. This is achieved through a technique called inlaying, and it involves inserting materials into depressions of the base objects to create new and interesting patterns, notable by the X symbol on this dresser.

However the best part of this dresser comes with a hidden compartment on the top and don’t try to lie to yourself; you have always wanted to have one for stashing whatever you deem stashable. All in all, this dresser is a very fine piece of furniture which can fit nicely into your home.

Easily accessed hidden compartment

Open the compartment and stash whatever you can inside

Hidden Compartment

With the hidden compartment, awesome design and brilliant inlay details, Dodo has created another exquisite piece of furniture ready to be incorporated into your living area. When you get it, don’t let anyone know about its neat little trick, keep it for yourself because not just any dresser can keep your secrets safe. In case you like the style of this piece of furniture but not the dressers itself feel free to check out what else Dodo has in store for you. [via]

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