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We admit that the brand name did give us a chuckle, but their products are awesome. We all know that traveling with our bicycles can be a hassle, and there is always the fear of it getting damaged. Thanks to the Douchebags The Trail Bike Travel Bag, that will never be a problem again.

Designed for simplicity, and containing attributes of a hard shell, with the lightweight compatibility of a soft shell, the The Trail is one of a kind.

Man taking bicycle out of the Douchebags The Trail Bike Travel Bag

The Trail by Douchebags allows you to easily transport your bike to where you want to be.

It also features a patent-pending rib cage protection that has been combined with a unique 3 panel design. All of this to ensure that your bike travels safely with you wherever you want to go. When your journey is over, compress it into a storage friendly size. It also fits a road bike, triathlon bike, an XC, FR, downhill bike, and other 29-inch bikes. Check out the video below.

In use and compressed views of the Douchebags The Trail Bike Travel Bag

When not in use, simply compress it for easy storage.

The Trail measures 3.2” deep x 9.8” wide x 51.5” high and has an astonishing capacity of 340 liters. It also only weighs 19.6lbs. The outer shell has been constructed from Polyester 1680D and neo/polyester 500D non-PVC tarpaulin. The inner, on the other hand, features polyester 750D and tarpaulin PE that has been combined with honeycomb board and PE foam.

You also get a frame pad and inner foam bottom bracket block included with The Trail.

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