Electronic devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives and many of us can’t imagine a day without our smartphones at least. We won’t go as far as to say that this is an addiction but if you would like to take a break from all of these gadgets there is a place specially tailored for these desires.

Myhotels Bloomsbury offer a Detox Package in a partnership with Planet Organic and Phi harmonics, a company which manufactures energyDOTs. There have been recent reports that electronic devices and all electronic household appliances can cause a wide variety of health issues because they transmit electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). As all information in our body is transmitted through electrical impulses, EMFs are said to disrupt these impulses and cause behavioral disorders, diabetes and even cancer. This is where the Detox Package and the use of an energyDOT comes in. This package makes sure that you receive a full night’s sleep, restore your energy reserves and protects you from electropollution.

Phi harmonic electroDOT

The electroDOT protects you from EMF fadiation

People more dependent on gadgets can take a package which will also protect them from the aforementioned EMFs. This package includes an overnight stay, Phi harmonics bioTAG and electroDOT, a voucher for a green juice from Planet Organic and a YMCA gym pass. The bioTAG can be attached to whatever clothes you are wearing and should be worn at all times as it is designed to improve your vitality by restoring and rebalancing your energy. The electroDOT  is the main means of defense against EMFs and that is what you will be using it for. All that’s left for you to do is to grab a healthy drink and have a good workout to achieve the desired effect.

Planet Organic juice

You will receive a voucher for a Planet Organic green juice in this package

If you happen to believe that electromagnetic frequencies are causing you a certain degree of issues then check yourself in and detox yourself. If not, then don’t let go of your gadgets and do what you usually do. [via]

Phi harmonic bioTAG

BioTAGs have to be worn at all times during your stay

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