Regardless of your habits on the internet, you should never feel that internet safety is not important. Don’t Snoop Me, Bro is the way to help your connection stay secure at all times. The device is called the DSMB Tunnel and it is a hassle-free way to keep your internet connection secure.

First, let’s see just some of the reasons why this kind of a product might be important. Even your actual geographic location can be traced through your IP address, and this can be seen by anyone who is even remotely interested and using only simple and inexpensive equipment and software. Further on, they can learn your full name, email addresses, they can see your chats, and searches. You know all those things that we all didn’t want the NSA to know? Well, it’s out there not just for the NSA, but for anyone. So why not protect yourself? Moreover, you can be held legally responsible for everything that comes from your IP address, even if someone was, for example, stealing your Wi-Fi.

So let’s see how the DSMB Tunnel works

With the device you get one year of VPN (virtual private network) service. This service encrypts your internet moves and hides your IP address in a way that anyone deliberately intercepting your internet activities will get all the wrong information. Geographically speaking, your location will appear to be completely different, even coming from a completely different country. At this point the company is testing rerouting using DSMB Tunnel through 16 different countries – UK, Germany, Canada, The Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, several regions in the US, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.

Those who are more familiar with the internet will know that VPN is nothing new, but the setup of such a protection is hard work. With the DSMB Tunnel, you perform the entire setup by turning a simple key. Yes, that’s it. In addition, moving to several different servers can seriously slow down your connection, but the developers claim that this is not a problem for the DSMB Tunnel. Still, should you wish for greater speed, a simple turn of the mentioned key will turn off the VPN and increase your internet speed in seconds. [via] watch video below

How it works - Dont Snoop Me Bro DSMB Tunnel Online Privacy

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