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Panama is one of those little vacation gems that doesn’t get enough publicity, unjustly so. Dolphin Bay Hideaway, in the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro, is certainly one of those yet to be fully discovered destinations. People are already raving about it, saying that the place is nothing short of idyllic. This tiny private resort is run by Erika and Jose, and is situated in one of the best areas for dolphin watching. Erika was born in Transylvania and she is of Hungarian origin, while Jose is Bocas del Toro’s native. The pair met in 2005 when they decided to partner and finish this bed & breakfast which they did in 2006.

The accommodation at the Dolphin Bay Hideaway is simple, comfortable, graceful and cozy. The rooms are tastefully decorated, and they all come with stunning panoramic views of Dolphin Bay and nearby gardens. The lodges are purposefully small in order to minimize their impact on the environment while maintaining balance with the local community.

Nature at Dolphin Bay Hideaway

The Bay View Room is one of the largest and most popular rooms. It has a king-size bed and a fantastic view of the resort’s wonderful gardens, ponds and, of course, the bay. All rooms are equipped with fans to keep you cool at night. Don’t expect to find air conditioning, TVs or telephones here. The Dolphin Bay Hideaway is all about going back to basics, and experiencing nature’s peace and quiet without modern-day distractions.

Dining at the Hideaway is a mix of both the Panamanian and international cuisine, with fresh fish, seafood, and chicken-based meals. There are also vegetarian meals available, and the staff will cater to any dietary requirements the Hideaway’s guests might have.

Room at Dolphin Bay Hideaway

As for the activities, do not miss out on dolphin watching. You can often spot them from the shore, but for the best experience, take one of the wooden kayaks out to water or let Jose drive you out in one of his boats. Apart from that, you can go snorkeling, wakeboarding, swimming, canoeing, bird watching, horseback riding, visit indigenous Indian villages or go on a chocolate tour (where you will learn all about making chocolate).

Dolphin Bay Hideaway hotel

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