Three years ago, Dollar Shave Club launched their add campaign video in which the CEO of the company, Michael Dubin, explained, in a creative way, what his company and the service they provide is all about. Simply put, this company sends you razors, which are “f**king great”, for one dollar to your doorstep every a month. With a simple premise of what the company is all about and affordable, high quality products, the Dollar Shave Club, as Business Insider reports, recently got valued at $615 million. You may be wondering why are we interested in a company which focuses on shaving products when we consider our beards sacred? The reason is simple, there is a new company in town which aims to deliver a similar service to all guys who cherish their beards, the Dollar Beard Club.

Dollar Beard Club basic package

The basic dollar package includes a Uncut Beard Co. Beard Oil in a .5oz bottle

As you can guess from our short introduction about Dubin’s company, Dollar Beard Club uses the same business model; for one dollar a month you can have a .5oz bottle of Uncut Beard Co. Oil delivered right at your doorstep. This, however, is just the basic kit this company offers. You can choose larger beard oil bottles, add a container of Uncut Beard Co. beard wax, beard balm or beard shampoo into the mix and even make a one time purchase of a comb and/or brush, so you can have a genuine beard care kit which consists of grooming products of the highest quality.

Dollar Beard Club full line

This is the full line of Dollar Beard Club’s products which includes waxes, oils, balms, and shampoos

Apart from “borrowing” this kind of business model, Dollar Shave Club’s founder Chris S. appears in a goofy promotional video (see below), similar to the one done by Dubin, in which he takes a swing at DSC’s service by letting his potential customers know that they “won’t be receiving any f**king razors from us to demolish your manhood.” If anything, their video ad is very amusing.

Dollar Beard Club service

You can create your personal beard care kit and have it delivered to you every month

This service is definitely something worth looking into if you want to reap the rewards of growing a beard, and if you are too busy to go to the store and lose a lot of time thinking about which beard care product you want or need. With Dollar Beard Club, you can have your personalized beard care product kit delivered directly to you right when you need it.

Check out the amusing Dollar Beard Club video here.

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