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Dojo Labs developed a security technology that protects your home network. Dojo will make all your devices safe from any cyber attack or privacy breach. This smart device uses pattern recognition to learn and figure out the best way to detect any possible threat.

Dojo doesn’t even have to look at the data or know what’s attacking. This intelligent system learns quickly and follows the patterns to block threats. It’s really easy to install it and it has zero configuration. It’s wireless and battery-powered.

Dojo Smart Home Network Security System Places On a Wooden Surface Next To A Plant

Dojo is an intelligent system that quickly learns and detects any possible threats.

Dojo looks like a rock, and it has a glowing orb on it. The orb glows three colors- red, orange and green, to indicate if there’s any problem. Orange light will tell the user there’s some odd behavior, but it’s fixing the problem, and it will glow red in case there’s something the user needs to do. Green means everything is ok. You can put Dojo anywhere in your house, it’s wireless and lightweight.

Dojo Smart Home Network Security System Glowing Orb

Dojo has an orb that glows in three colors- orange, red and green, to tell you if there’s any problem.

You can manage Dojo through a smartphone app. There’s a chat where Dojo will send you text messages to inform you about its activities. Messages also have the same color the orb has, so you can know how important each one is. The cool thing about this chat is that Dojo will ask you what to do in a specific case, and you can reply with instructions.

Dojo Smart Home Network Security System Smartphone App

You can control Dojo through a smartphone app.

There are 4 billion devices connected to Internet and let’s face it, not every device has a good security. Dojo is something that will protect you entire home, so no matter what device you use, you are safe online.

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Check out this video to learn more about Dojo.

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