Muscle cars have always been a fascination of many a petrol head even when they were less capable than their European counterparts on a racing track. So, what makes them so special? Timeless, dangerous design, amazing sound, everyday-ride capabilities and loooads of horsepower.

With the return of the retro, muscle cars made a huge comeback. Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers have become everpresent and, more importantly, the market grew to the point that they need to battle for supremacy.

The regular Challenger SRT, so not the Hellcat, had 485 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque. It was fast and scary, but it could not compete with the GT500, or the ZL1 in terms of sheer power. Well, the Hellcat changed all that. Not only can it compete with the others, but it is the most powerful car of the bunch.

The latest Challenger SRT Hellcat has a smaller 6.2 l V8 engine accompanied by a supercharger and dual intercoolers which increase the power to 707 hp  and 650 lb-ft of torque. This beast can be paired with a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

These features provide the acceleration to 60 mph in just about 3.5 seconds, to 100 mph in fewer than 9 seconds while the top speed is at 199mph.

Such power needs to be controlled, so there are two key fobs available – the black one and the red one. The first key fob puts loads of limitations on the car, decreasing the available power, increasing the input of the electronic stability control and even limiting the RPMs to 4,000. Not fun. Still, it is perfect if you are forced to give the key to someone else. The red one removes all the blocks and the car puts a smile on your face with every press of the throttle pedal.

The interior and the exterior are more than wonderful. Everyone who loves muscle cars will enjoy the aggressive lines of the Challenger SRT Hellcat and the extravagance and practicality of the interior. You get all of the modern tech features together with the warm retro styling. And, don’t forget the 707 hp. You should never forget that. watch the video from Jay Leno’s Garage below

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat interior

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

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