DIY projects are a fun and very useful hobby to have because you get awesome inexpensive stuff out of it, especially if the project requires you to re-purpose a bunch of useless junk you have lying around. We are going to show you one that has caught are attention and is absolutely amazing. The DIY Industrial Pipe Stool was featured as a project on Love Grows Wild and was made by Liz, who has done a ton of similar projects. This pipe stool is very easy to make as it requires materials which can be combined with little effort and the result is a 22″ high stool which you can place in your workshop, home or office.

Finished pipe stool

The result of this DIY project is absolutely amazing

In order to work on this project you are going to need a certain amount of plumbing pipes, a wood round and some glue. Essentially, no tools are required to build this stool, but if you want better leverage while screwing the pipes together, then you can use a pair of vice grips. The exact list of materials you will need goes as follows: a 12″ round wood seat,  4 x 1/2″ floor flanges, 4 x 1/2″ x 12″ pipes, 4 x 1/2″ x 3″ pipe, 5 x 1/2″ x 4″ pipes, 6 x 1/2″ tees, 8 x 1/2″ 90° elbows, 8 x 1/2″ close nipples, 4 x 1/2″ caps and heavy duty glue which can hold the seat it its place. Seems overwhelming but don’t worry, this project is more simple than one might think.

Plumbing pipes

These are the plumbing pipes required for the project

Now that we’ve established the list of materials, we can tell you what you need to do with them. First of all, you are going to combine the various pipes in order to create the legs of the stool. To create one leg you will have to attach a 12″ pipe to a tee, then add a close nipple to the end of the tee opposite the 12″ pipe. Add a 90° elbow to the close nipple, add a 3″ pipe and add another 90° elbow. To this elbow you will add a 4″ pipe. Add a cap on that pipe and a floor flange on the top of the 12″ pipe.

Repeat this three more times in order to complete your 4 stool legs. However, the process does not end there. You should have 4 more close nipples, two tees and a 4″ pipe left. With these you will combine the four legs. Take two of them and put the close nipples in the open end of the tee in each of the legs. Then simply combine them with another tee. Do the same for the remaining two legs. After you do, use the 4″ pipe to connect the two leg pairs and voila, the legs are stable and the stool is almost ready. Add the glue on the floor flanges (make sure they are leveled) and place the wood seat. Of course, you could use screws to make the seat more secure, but if you don’t have the tools, glue will do just fine. After letting it dry for an appropriate amount of time, your awesome DIY Industrial Tool will be good to go.

Pipe stool legs

This is how your stool legs should like like after combining them, minus the floor flanges on the top

You can get most of the items necessary for this project in your local hardware store or on Amazon and the price should not exceed the amount of $50 which is an awesome deal considering you would have to pay a lot more for a stool such as this one in a store. DIY projects such as this one are really popular right now and they can add a very nice touch to your living or work environment. [via]

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