Here is a great manual for all the people who enjoy making useful things themselves. The DIY furniture book is an amazing piece of literature for those who find relaxation in building stuff in their own garage.

On over 140 pages of this book you will find instructions for making very appealing shelves, lighting, garden furniture, seats, beds, barstools and other objects that will help you improve the appearance of your living space. DIY furniture book features 30 designs by renowned designers from all over the world. The amazing thing is that everything from this book can be made using materials you can find at the regular hardware stores.

Making furniture shown in this book will not require anything more than simple techniques everyone can execute. The instructions are very clear, the step-by-step guide is very simple, and there are hand-drawn diagrams, as well, just in case you did not understand something said before.

DIY Furniture book offers you an opportunity to make your furniture yourself, but even though it may seem complicated at times, the reality is that it is not hard or complicated at all, and with this book your place can be furnished in no time at normal cost.

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DIY chaise longue

DIY shelfing

DIY furniture book showing how to make a sofa

DIY furniture book

DIY furniture book showing how to make a coffee table

DIY furniture book

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