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Watches – a man can never have enough of them, and will never stop searching for the perfect one. Well, maybe you will find your perfect one right here in this article. It’s called Divided by Zero and it is the universal wristwatch every man (and woman) needs.

They say for themselves to be creators of one of the most universal watches in history – read on and see for yourself if they are right.

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Devided by Zero Watch next to a camera, an iPhone, a notebook and three pencils

The universal wristwatch: Divided by Zero.

What this watch is special for is the use of mathematics in its construction – in every little detail. The makers of Divided by Zero say that their goal was to create the most comfortable watch that is going to be modern and decorative at the same time. To do that, they used mathematical calculations – and this goes for every single part of it, including the shape and size of its hands and the curves and lugs of its case.

Divided by Zero watches - making of

The makers say that this is where design meets science.

The Divided by Zero watches come in four forms, named after famous scientists: Euclid, Plato, Gauss and Kepler. And they are available at a very affordable price and yet didn’t lose any of their quality. Made out of stainless steel and calf leather straps, they are meant to last and they feature Miyota 2305 Japanese quartz for a very accurate time.

Divided by zero watches: Plato, Euclid, Gauss and Kepler

The watches are named after famous mathematicians: Plato, Euclid, Gauss and Kepler.

Divided by Zero wristwatches are made in such a way that it fits literally any and every wrist in the world. Its size, design and style are created to look great on both men and women, in both formal and classical attire.

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People wearing Divided by Zero watches

The Divided by Zero Watches can fit every arm – fat, slim, female or male, sporty or formal attire.

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