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Don’t let anyone tell you that you require a ton of money in order to get yourself a decent camper with which you can have a blast on a road trip. A testament to this is the Dinky Dub Camper, an affordable option when it comes to campers. Even though it is advertised as affordable, it doesn’t lack in any of the features and functions a regularly priced and sized camper might have. Dinky Dub sports a cool retro appearance which resembles the VW Westfalia bus but is not as fragile as it may seem. This camper is made from 100% fiberglass shells so you can rest assured that there will be no dents on this one. Made by Dub Box USA, the Dinky Dub Camper represents this company’s take on tailgate and  family campers.

Dinky Dub appearance

The Dinky Dub was designed to resemble the VW Westfalia

The dinky Dub is about 25% smaller than the previous Dub Box model but it offers the same regular options. It comes with hot and cold water, combination sink/stove, Bluetooth sound system, mini-fridge, and a 5- or 6-gallon water tank. Of course, the fellas at Dub Box USA offer you the option to add even more functions to it, some of which are: a roof rack, solar panels, a personal cabinet or a lock box, storage box on tongue, and raised roof among others. This may not be a luxury 4 person camper, but 2 people can have everything they need while on the road in this bad boy.

Dinky Dub size

This camper is perfect for two people going on an adventure

Unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit if you are interested in purchasing a Dinky Dub Camper as production of this model has not yet begun, but will get started in August this year (2015). Luckily, there is the ever so welcome option of pre-ordering one so you can go on that road trip as soon as it is finished. As for the price, it starts at $8.000 and that would be a decent deal. But we have to encourage you to check out some of the upgrades and additional options before you make up your mind because, for instance, the Dinky “Half Pint” Kegerator upgrade, which comes with a fully refrigerated kegerator and 6 beverage taps, makes hosting parties while on the road a real thing. [via]

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