Ever since the earliest days of calligraphy right to the present days of digital and kinetic typography different artists have expressed one basic idea – words can be beautiful and have a visual appeal equal to the semantic one. Now, maps of the world have been hanging on the walls of various offices, rooms and public spaces all over the globe for ages, but how about a text world map?

Sunny Side Up, a British company dedicated to making unapologetically cool vinyl graphics comes with a simple and striking design – a world map made entirely from words i.e. names of the countries, called ‘A Different World Stickers‘. The 175cm x 108cm vinyl decoration is the coolest and the simplest embellishment for your office or home.

A Different World Stickers White

Available in white, black, graphite and chocolate colors, A Different World Stickers will fit with a wide range of spaces. The stickers will nicely apply to most interior surfaces – all types of walls, glass and most wooden surfaces.

While the application may require some patience, the result will surely please you. Enjoy this simple, cool and elegant map of the world, enjoy the often obscured visual beauty of words and help your guests refresh their knowledge of geography.

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A Different World Stickers Gray

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