Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen, where anything is possible and where technology supersedes the mundane and, indeed, the impossible when it comes to human capabilities. There have been many technological advancements that seemed quite impossible 20 years ago; but thankfully progress has taken place which brings us the fantastic, the wonderful and the extraordinary. Case in point – DHL’s Parcelcopter 2.0.

In December last year, Amazon had been ridiculed for their claim on a delivery service by specialized drones with very little to prove for their idea, but, nine months later, the German based delivery service DHL launched their very own autonomous delivery service using a drone that was named “The Parcelcopter 2.0” for research runs from the 26th of September. Having attained permission from the relevant authorities to fly in a restricted area, the drone supposedly took flight from the passenger port of Norddreich to travel 7.5 miles (12 Kilometeres) to the German island of Juist where a designated landing pad was created for it. This would bring much needed deliveries of medicine and other goods to the otherwise solitary island when ferries and manned flights aren’t possible at the time.

With the ability to fly at a speed of 35 knots an hour (40 MPH), staying at an altitude of 50 meters so that interference with regular air traffic is avoided and having the technological capability to correct itself with unexpected wind gusts, “The Parcelcopter 2.0” is a dream come true. Even though these runs will be completely autonomous, “The Parcelcopter 2.0” will still be monitored from a ground station in Norddreich in case of unexpected malfunctions which can be rectified remotely. “The Parcelcopter” also features a specialized container in the form of a tear drop that has been specifically designed for air transport to minimize air resistance and make the entire craft more aerodynamic.

This is the future that we have all been waiting for; deliveries anytime, anywhere. However, this is only the beginning. Imagine how much potential something like this can offer in delivery of not only ordinary parcels, but also medication and life-saving supplies.

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