Dewalt Portable Power Station


Chances are, if you do handyman work, or even have your own construction company, than you are well acquainted with the pain of lugging a generator around to places where you don’t have power. Thankfully for us, with improvements in technology, generators will soon become obsolete. With that in mind, we are proud to introduce a forerunner on the cutting edge of portable electric power. We proudly present the Dewalt Portable Power Station.

Designed for ease of use and versatility, the Dewalt Power Station is a must have for anybody that needs juice when there is no power.

Dewalt Power Station top view

The Power Station can pump out 1800 watts of juice that is delivered by 4 20V batteries.

It’s also flexible; it gives you the power of corded work, and the freedom of cordless as well. Essentially, the Power Station was designed to be a 4-port parallel charger. This device also pumps out an impressive 1800 watts that are delivered by four 20V batteries, with an output of 15 amps. However, the batteries are sold separately.

Dewalt Power Station top view of the charge indicator lights

Each battery has its own charge indication lights.

Furthermore, the Dewalt Power Station is rated for a max AC output of 3600 watts, but rated at 1800 watts. It also has a maximum current output of 30 amps, with a rating of 15 amps. It also gives you indicator lights for inverter, charger, operation and fault, and low battery.

Dewalt Power Station working times

For such a compact device, the Power Station sure does deliver on the money.

It’s also uber portable. It measures in at 10.8” x 12.8” x 21.3” and weighs 18 pounds. This is what one Amazon customer had to say about the Power Station, “I will admit, I was very skeptical at first of this tool, but it has been a workhorse. Anything I’ve thrown at it it has been able to power. Bench top grinder – check, freezer – check, Tv – check, 7 1/2″ skilsaw – check. I even used it to power a projector to show a movie on the side of the house.”

Get it from Amazon here.

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