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If there is one body part that needs definite protection, in warfare or airsoft, it’s your head. Thankfully, the guys at Devtac Designs know this and produced three one-of-a-kind tactical masks. Not to mention that they look awesome.

The three masks that Devtac created are the Ronin Ballistic, Ronin Airsoft and Menpo Airsoft.

All three of them have their own unique aspects and can be used for different situations.

Devtac Designs Ronin Ballistic and Airsoft

The Ronin Ballistic (pictured left) can stop up to a Magnum 44. round. The Ronin Airsoft (pictured right) has exactly the same features as the ballistic version with the exception of flexible material instead of Kevlar.

The Ronin Ballistic definitely has the cool factor that one expects from a ballistic mask. Apart from looking awesome, this mask has the ability to stop up to a Magnum 44. round. That’s some pretty impressive stopping power.

Furthermore, it features adjustable straps for comfort and a supreme fit. It also features polycarbonate lenses that can’t be punctured by even a nail gun. To reduce fogging, the Ronin features anti-fog tech in the form of 2 micro jet fans with speed regulators.

In addition to these qualities, the Ronin Ballistics’ cheek plates are removable which allows you to easily rest your cheek on a weapon’s butt stock for easier sniping.

Second on the list is the Ronin Airsoft. It features the same style as the ballistic mask. However, it does have a slightly different design. All the features are exactly the same but instead of Kevlar, this mask has a flexible material. It is an awesome airsoft mask though. Check out the videos below.

Devtac Designs Menpo Mask

The Menpo mask is specifically an airsoft mask. It only weighs 7.05 ounces and can stop projectiles flying up to 600 fps.

The last design from Devtac is the Menpo mask. This mask, fashioned after a Japanese demon, will definitely inspire fear into your airsoft enemies.

It features a detachable nose piece that is attached with strong magnets. In addition to this, it is extremely lightweight (at only 200 grams) and supports any type of goggle. It is also strong enough to resist projectiles flying up to 600 fps. [via]

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