Are you ready to hit the road and burn some rubber in superior style? Well, you’d better be because Hondo Grattan Motorcycle is here to deliver your best motorcycling experience ever. Created by world-famous motorbike customizing team Deus Ex Machina, Hondo Grattan brings a fresh take on the classic Ducati Scrambler that packs enough power, comfort and grace to live up to your highest biking standards. Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?

Deux Ex Machina Hondo Grattan motorcycle

Recently unveiled at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona as one in the lineup of three custom Scrambler versions, Hondo Grattan owes its name to an Australian racing horse that claimed all the titles at the Harold Park track in the season when the Deus team decided to launch their project back in 2010. Lean, strong and stable, the Grattan is built following the classic Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle model, but the Deus team decided to thoroughly customize the bike by adding a few fresh extras like all-aluminum bodywork inspired by speedy racetrack bikes, a cool-looking asymmetric mudguard and a speedway-inspired headlight. Topped by a potent exhaust system, large disc brakes, a single-piece tail with onboard license plate support and a conic filter packed within the frame, Hondo Grattan boasts a fresh paintjob in vivid yellow and sky blue, so it will be a true feast for the eyes of any motorbike aficionado out there, so make sure you check it out ASAP. [via]

Side view of the Deux Ex Machina Hondo Grattan motorcycle

Deux Ex Machina Hondo Grattan motorcycle

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