And you thought that keeping iguanas, pythons, ants and similar exotic animals as pets is unusual… How about jellyfish? Here’s a product that has made it to the top-ten Kickstarter campaigns for the sheer originality of it, as well as won 2011 Best Product of the Year at Global Pet Expo. We are talking about Desktop Jellyfish Tank designed by Jellyfish Art.

Desktop Jellyfish Tank is a kit that gives you everything you need to provide these unusual and ethereal sea creatures with the best care possible. Not only will you get the proper aquarium for the jellyfish, but three Moon Jellyfish will be delivered to your door together with six ounces of frozen food when you purchase the kit. This wonderful aquarium also has colour-changing LED lights that comes with a remote control, if you could believe it.

The tank itself is made from acrylic and has a feeding pipette, quiet air pump, airline with an adjustable airline valve, check valve, substrate and hydrometer. The waterflow is perfectly optimized for jellyfish and, if you want to, you can use Desktop Jellyfish Tank for fish or marine invertebrates too. The tank is 17 inches high, 15 inches wide and 8 inches long and it can take six gallons of water. The manufacturer does not recommend keeping more than five small or three large jellyfish per tank. watch video below

Jellyfish tank

Desktop Jellyfish tank

Jellyfish tank essentials

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