Design Tips to Take Your Store to the Next Level

Online shopping has changed the shopping experience forever, but that doesn’t mean that in-store retail is dead. People like being able to physically touch and see what they are going to buy before they do. The only issue is getting people into the door which, if you aren’t located within prime real estate, can be difficult to do. That is why you need to take your store to the next level, learn the retail data science and transform it from a retail space into an experience that people talk about to their friends. Your store is a marketing opportunity just like any other, and with these design tips you can help transform it:

Power of Concept Stores

Concept stores are a great way to bring people into your stores. They are attractions in their own right, and blend art with the shopping experience. Concept stores work perfectly with fashion and homeware stores, though you can easily create a concept store regardless of industry. To do this, you will first need to create a theme for your store. The more apparent and simple the theme, the more effective it will be. If, for instance, you sell furniture, then you could base your designs under a theme such as nature or the ocean, and use your products as highlights within your design.

Concept stores are attractions simply due to the fact that what you are selling is more than just put on display, they are art in and of themselves. This makes them attractive to those who just want to see, and those who want to buy. The ideal goal of a concept store is to sell more and to gain free publicity through social media and word of mouth marketing.

Window Decals

Window decals are another great way to take your store to the next level because it offers an extra layer of your design. They can be used to display offers, add unique elemental design, and be used as a giant marketing billboard. They are ideal whether you want to enhance design or to make a statement. Window wraps can be customized and installed using your store’s windows exact measurements, meaning you can get the perfect look no matter what concept you are going for.

Artistic Features

Another great way to add appeal to your store is to add artistic features. What features you add will depend on what you sell and what your store’s values are. If you sell fashion-forward designs, then adding installations made of mirrors or ones that add light will be ideal to help enhance the shopping experience.


No matter what, the layout of your store is critical. The layout is one of the bigger aspects to your design and can help sell your products. You have to consider flow and space. If your store is awkward to maneuver or hard to get around without knocking into items, then your store has a critical design flaw. You want to consider how your layout affects your shoppers experience and work towards creating a layout that will attract people and keep them in your store.
In-store shopping is still popular, but by considering design you can ensure that the shoppers who love to see items before they buy them are in your store, and not at a competitor’s.

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