Any experienced fisherman will tell you that the key to getting your hands on a prize catch lies in identifying a large school of fish in the water without alerting the prey of your presence in the area. Now, that’s not an easy task at all – although their vision is somewhat blurred and distorted when it comes to objects and creatures located above the water level, fish can still spot you lurking down at them and readying your line and bait on the river bank. Well, you no longer have to play hide-and-seek with your aquatic would-be prey on your fishing adventures – with Deeper, catching a prize fish and boosting your reputation among your campfire company becomes as easy as falling off a log.

Designed for fishing amateurs and professional fishermen alike, Deeper Fish-finder is a miniature Bluetooth-connected sonar device which pairs with your phone to help you locate schools of fish in your vicinity. On top of locating your aquatic target in fresh or salt water, Deeper also provides some handy info on water temperature, depth, bottom contours and other fishing essentials. The world’s first wireless fish-finder compatible with any Android 2.3+ and iOS 5.0+ mobile device, Deeper attaches to the fishing line to provide instant feedback via the companion application about water depth and temperature, shape of the bottom of the river, sea or pond and of course, the location of fish – and it’s all displayed on your phone screen as soon as you throw the line into the water. Thanks to its slight size and dual beam (290kHz/15Degree and 90kHz/55degree), Deeper can be used at spots usually inaccessible to most other fish-finders on the market, like fishing areas located below kayaks, shore platforms, bridges, float tubes, embankments, radio controlled bait boats or docks.

Deeper portable fish finder for smartphones and tablets

On top of the info essentials like fish location, temperature and depth of water, the Deeper companion application also provides a 15 min data history log and an integrated map function with fish location saving option so you’ll always know where to look for your water-borne prey next time. There’s also a detailed fishing calendar to deliver updates about best opportunities at your favorite fishing spots as accurate as specific days and even hours of fish prime time. On top of that, the Deeper application also provides reliable five-day weather forecast with details on humidity, pressure, temperature, cloud density, wind speed and direction and even the position of the Moon and the Sun so you’ll never get soaked in unexpected downpours on your fishing trips again. Also, this smart fish-finder has an integrated camera so you can take customized pictures and add your own notes on weather conditions, times, locations, as well as breeds, weight and number of caught fish to round off the fishing log with your favorite anecdotes – which you can also share with your crowd through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by a simple touch of a button, just for the brag’s sake. You can also import and export the data to multiple devices and keep an info backup on cloud services, just in case it goes amiss by accident on your smart device.

Measuring as few as 2.6 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches and weighing a slight 3.5 ounces, Deeper smart fish-finder packs a durable rechargeable battery that can stand up to four hours of active use and it can be used in depths ranging from 0.5 to 40 meters (around 130 feet). In the box with your portable Deeper fish-finder, you also get a wall adapter, car charger, USB cable, mini carrying pouch, a couple of attachment bolts and a user manual. So why toil and struggle when you can actually enjoy your fishing trip with minimum effort? Lightweight, compact and incredibly and easy to use, Deeper smart fish-finder is every angler’s next best friend.

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