Deeluxe XVe Snowboarding Boots

Winter is here and offers so many fun and exciting activities. Snowboarding is definitely in the top, but it requires a lot of good equipment. High-quality snowboard boots are a must-have and we have one more worth of mention. Deeluxe XVe Snowboarding Boots were designed by Xavier de Le Rue, a famous mountain snowboarder, to offer performance, protection and a good fit.

The highback on this boot is made to be durable, bring stability and is reinforced in a way to provide to necessary stiffness. The Sympatex Membrane is made from an environmentally friendly, recyclable material and has a snow cover on the front of the boot for additional weatherproofing. This snow cover is also very useful since it protects your laces from gathering snow. Together with precise stitching, it’ll keep your feet dry in any weather condition.

Deeluxe XVe Snowboarding Boots The Back And Snow Cover

Deeluxe XVe Snowboarding Boots have an Extra Long Stride System and a snow cover on the front.

This boot has a Boa lacing system, so you can customize the heel zone’s fit, and a power strap on the front that will secure the calf and add additional support. Deeluxe XVe not only provides support but has a flexible construction, to bring you the ultimate comfort. It uses Thermo Flex Premium liner that has an extremely soft tongue, provides good fit and regulates the moisture.

Deeluxe XVe Snowboarding Boots plastic backwelt

On the back, there’s a plastic backwelt with a grooved heel that secures the crampons.

There’s an Extra Long Stride System for a comfortable fit that’s especially useful while skinning. When you loosen the power strap, the rear of the boot can extend the shell’s range of motion to -8° making strides 20 to 30cm longer. The Vibram outsole gives the perfect level of traction for any activity and the plastic backwelt with a grooved heel will keep the crampons secure.

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