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Capture within the essence of your mind a fantastic and thrilling experience and we guarantee you will never be the same again afterwards. The experience is the following… It starts off with the song of exotic birds within the jungles of South America; the jungles of Bolivia, to be exact. You feel your blood pumping, your mind racing and your palms sweating as you realize what is about to happen. You are about to go on Death Tour on the world’s most dangerous road with your mountain bike, courtesy of Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking.

Death road, Camino de la Muerte in Bolivia

Starting off at La Paz where you meet your tour guides. They will then take you for an hour long mini-bus ride up to La Cumbre which is 15,400 feet (4,700 metres) above sea level and the start of your 40 mile downhill voyage. At La Cumbre you will admire the sights, get a safety briefing and receive some practice on how to handle the fierce gusts of wind on your bike. You will need this. From there on you start trekking down a road that locals have called, Camino de la Muerte (The Death Road).

Mountain biking tour of the Camino de la Muerte in Bolivia

You will find out on your voyage why this road has gained the honour of gaining such a name when you whizz over tarmac, dirt and mud roads as you realize that right next to you is a 3,300 foot (1,000 metre) drop into oblivion. While your adrenaline is pumping, your senses enhanced, you will also experience one-of-a-kind scenery of villages, Llamas, lush and green vegetation and even the snow-capped peaks of the Andes mountain range. At the end of your descent you arrive at the village of Yolosa, pedal to La Senda Verde Ecotourism resort and be greeted with a hot shower, relaxation at the pool and a well deserved Pasta Buffet.

Mountain biking Bolivian Death Road

Mountain biking Death road in Bolivia

Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking has guided 33,000 people successfully down “Camino de la Muerte” and we can assure you that this is an experience that you need to have and will simply never forget. From then on you will be known as the one who had braved “The Death Road”. watch video below

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