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We all know how useful backpacks can be. However, they can be cumbersome. Thankfully, a new Kickstarter campaign is bringing us a redefinition of what a backpack should be. Introducing the expandable DaySling!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Our technology is becoming smaller and more powerful by the day, why shouldn’t our gear? That’s exactly the thought process that went into the design of the DaySling.

Man storing something in the DaySling

The unique one strap design allows for exceptionally easy access without having to remove the DaySling.

The DaySling is a hybridization between a backpack and a satchel. It encompasses elements of both to bring us something that is the perfect mixture of style and function. Designed to be classic and, yet, modern, the DaySling was built for the urban explorer. Check out the video below.

Man wearing the DaySling

In addition to its easy access feature, the DaySling’s single strap design also allows for greater weight distribution. Essentially, your back doesn’t hurt even after a long day.

By utilizing only one strap, the DaySling allows for easy access without having to take the backpack off. The single strap design allows you to simply slip it around to the front so that you can remove what you are looking for. This design also gives way to excellent weight distribution and ensures that your back doesn’t suffer under any weight.

The DaySling's other features

Like we said, style and functionality.

Furthermore, the DaySling is expandable from a 6-liter capacity all the way up to 13-liters. This allows you to mold the backpack to suit your particular needs for the day. To keep all of your goods safe, the DaySling is constructed entirely out of weatherproof material and even features double color water tight zippers.

The DaySling also has no Velcro and works with a Whisper zipper system that is ultra-quiet. To top it off, this daypack comes with a variety of pockets and even includes a secret pocket. However, it still has many other features.

The DaySling's cable through feature

Another interesting feature, besides the ones mentioned, is this one. The DaySling has a cable through port so that you can easily charge your devices from a power bank while inside the DaySling.

So, head over to Kickstarter and get yourself an early bird special on the DaySling; and also check out their other products!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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